Wrong Analogy

dictate your behavior. You're at liberty to do as you please."

Dr. Lurie's voice came over in a tense whisper. "He'll cut off our oxygen!"

"He wouldn't dare," Brace snarled. "Nobody goes and kills a couple of hundred people."

Baker chuckled loud enough for the settlers to hear. "If that is all, gentlemen, good day," he said, and flicked a switch. But it was only a one-way switch, shutting off sound from his direction but permitting him to see and hear the settlers. Their talk didn't go on very long before Baker could see that Brace had lost—the thought of not seeing the oxygen wagons come along in the evening was too frightening.

"All right, you jerks," Red Brace shouted, "I'll go after him myself." He strode off up the road. Harvey Flanders ran after him. Baker could see, but not hear, the heated colloquy as the two men walked on, and

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