Wrong Analogy

then, finally, Brace turned around and came back, and the two men disappeared inside Flanders' house.

Baker flicked a switch. Carsing's face appeared on the screen, with a brisk, "Yes, sir?"

"Might be some trouble the next couple of days—perhaps even tonight," Baker said. "Double-check the infrared warning system, will you?"

"Yes, sir."

Baker went back to his highball, feeling rather pleasant.

Late that night, in Harvey Flanders' house, a long discussion went on among Harvey, Brace, Dr. Lurie, and the Schweitzer twins.

"I went over it in detail with some of the old-timers here," Harvey said. "I also did some personal scouting, and everything they said seems to be true. Here's the setup:

"Our idea of raiding the commissary for a lot of

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