Wrong Analogy

He raced around to the rear of the house and stood still. Faintly he heard the crunch and crackle of steps in the grain field. Red was hitting across country. Harvey raced into the field. "Red!" he shouted.

Harvey found him by the sounds. Brace was coldly angry. "Either you pipe down and come along, or you go on back. Nobody's stopping me. If you try any monkey business, I'll kill you, and I'm not kidding."

Harvey fell in alongside him. "You're the craziest jerk I ever saw."

"Pipe down before you give us away," Brace growled.

The hill loomed ahead of them like a giant blot against the sky. On their left were the thick woods where the settlers gathered timber for fencing and bridging. Straight ahead was a deep stream, traversed by a single bridge.

"That bridge is a likely place for a burglar alarm," Harvey said. "We'd better swim."

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