Wrong Analogy

They took off their clothes and left them on the bank. They let themselves carefully down into the water and set out, using the breast stroke to keep the oxygen apparatus out of the water. They clambered up on the other side, chilled and shivering, and continued, naked, toward the hill.

The ground roughened underfoot; the rise began. There was no apparent road. Here and there stood small blighted trees, devoid of foliage, standing like posts—They weren't trees at all! Harvey gripped Brace's arm. "Keep away from those posts," he whispered.

They continued upward slowly. Harvey heard a faint click. He stopped. "Hear that?" he whispered, "that click?"

Brace shook his head. They stood still, listening. There was no other sound. Brace took a step forward, and stopped. "I heard it," he whispered. They sank to the ground, and stretched out on their bellies, and

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