Wrong Analogy

waited tensely.

Not a sound came out of the surrounding darkness.

Far ahead, high in the sky, the windows of Baker's castle dimly glowed with a yellow light. There was still a long way to go.

Brace sat up and jerked a hand impatiently at Harvey. They got to their feet and moved forward. They were moving through trees now. Harvey followed Brace reluctantly. There was something funny. Some sound he was hearing—or wasn't hearing—

"Red!" It was the oxygen pack. The soft, bubbling murmur it always made was gone. "My oxygen is off! Yours, too! We've got to get back—fast!"

Brace's eyes flared white in the darkness. "Come on," Harvey shouted, and rushed back through the trees. Brace came lumbering after him, protesting loudly. They raced across an open space—there were the posts again—they passed them—

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