Wrong Analogy

up with a substitute for your oxygen pack."

"How incredible," Baker said pleasantly. "And what is the substitute, if I may ask? Alcohol?"

"No, it's still oxygen, Colonel, but not the way your pack handles it. You see, Dr. Lurie has figured out a way to use atomic, not molecular, oxygen—O instead of O2, if you follow me—and to give it by injection in a highly concentrated form. As you see, we're not wearing oxygen packs any more."

"So I noticed. But I'm afraid your little hoax can't go on very long. In another two minutes, my friends, you'll be gasping like fish and running frantically home to get those pesky oxygen packs."

"Why don't you time us?"

Baker sipped his coffee. "I am timing you, my friends. There are certain principles of physiology that can't be contravened. We're at the oxygen equivalent of a 27,000-foot elevation. The average duration of useful

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