Wrong Analogy

"Do you think he'll come?" Dr. Lurie said.

"He has to," Harvey said. "He can't afford to let anybody spread a new gospel among his people."

"Would you guys mind explaining what this is all about?" growled Red Brace.

Harvey laughed. "Sure, Red. It's nothing complicated; not very, anyway. Baker keeps plugging away at the fact that this is the same as living at a 27,000-foot altitude. It struck me suddenly that if that were really the case, some of us would be suffering from nose bleeds and other symptoms you get when you go up to a thin atmosphere, where the outside pressure is less than the body's blood pressure. But nothing like that has happened. So obviously, the atmospheric pressure must be about normal—the same pressure we have on Earth. There's less oxygen, but there's more carbon dioxide and there must be more of other gases, like nitrogen, to make up the full amount of pressure.

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