Wrong Analogy

Ruth placed a covered box on the table. "Impressive," Harvey said. "Now, everybody, sit down and relax. It might be a long wait."

"Not so long," said Red Brace a little while later. "They're coming over the crest right now."

"Who's with him?"

"Looks like Carsing."

"I might have guessed that." Harvey watched a while at the window, then turned back. "Okay, everybody, masks out of sight."

There was a pause; a sound on the outside step. Then into the doorway walked Carsing. His hand made a swift motion inside his coat and out again.

The squat, ugly barrel of an explosive scatter-gun glinted at them.

"Everybody back against the wall," Carsing said. "Colonel Baker doesn't want to be crowded."

Slowly, tensely, staring at each other, they moved to

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