Wrong Analogy

reached with his free hand and unhooked the lid—

Something sprang out of the box at his face—

"Watch out, Carsing!" Baker shouted—but Harvey was already halfway across the room. He dove across the table, one hand aimed at Carsing's chest, the other slamming against the moving weapon, knocking it upward, backward—

Shot spattered through and around the doorway.

Baker had leaped aside as he saw the muzzle swinging in his direction. Now he made a quick move toward Harvey and Carsing, tangled and struggling on the floor—but a blow from Brace's fist caught him on the cheekbone and sent him crashing back against the wall.

Brace darted down at the struggling men. He stood up a moment later, holding the gun. Carsing struggled upward, out of Harvey's grasp and reached for the gun. Brace's foot shot out and crashed with ferocious impact

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