Wrong Analogy

against his jaw. Carsing's head slammed backward against the floor. His body arched a moment, and then went limp all over.

Harvey sat up, breathing hard. Ruth already had her oxygen pack on and quickly adjusted his.

"Get mine," Red Brace said. He was standing in the middle of the floor, the gun trained on Baker, who stood half-slumped against the wall, watching them dazedly.

There was a hissing in the air. A soft, persistent hissing.

"Somebody has a leak!" Dr. Lurie shouted. Harvey, Ruth, Brace frantically felt their oxygen packs—and then their hands stopped, and they stared at Baker.

A jagged hole, caused by a small bit of shot, was visible on the side of his oxygen pack.

"Give the orders, Flanders," Brace said. "Do I blast him?"

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