Wrong Analogy

"Won't be necessary, Red," Harvey said quietly.

Baker looked from one to the other with puzzled eyes. Then he muttered, "I must be going," and swung away from the wall, and out the door.

He stopped. He felt his pack. He came rushing back, his eyes wide with terror. "A leak!" he shrilled. "I need another pack!"

"Sorry, we've only one apiece," Harvey said. "You know that."

Baker's lips trembled. His face was white. "Your invention! Your invention! I'll make any deal you want. Hurry!"

"There's no invention," Harvey said gently. "Don't you know that by now?"

Suddenly Baker leaped forward, his hands flying. He had the oxygen mask half off Harvey's face before Harvey could untwist his hands and wrench free.

Baker stood there, breathing hard. Abruptly he

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