Wrong Analogy

The Pied Piper who had promised them
Paradise and led them across half the
universe had changed his tune. But this
time it was the Piper who had to pay....

Ruth was standing at the vast window of the spaceport, her body taut and eager, the luggage piled high around her. When Harvey Flanders came out of the ship carrying the last two suitcases, she darted to him.

"Harvey, it's a dream—it's heavenly!" she cried, catching hold of his arm. "Did you imagine—did you possibly ever imagine it would be like this?"

Harvey's eyes followed the sweep of his wife's hand, out at the dazzling expanse of fields and orchards, green and gold under this magnificent sun. The fantastic vegetation stretched in lush undulations to a distant purple horizon, the sweep broken only by the brown streaks of roads, the winding ribbons of sapphire-tinted

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