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Books • Internet • Freedom

Let books be a first class citizen of the web.

Our philosophy

  1. Books have a great influence on every aspect of human life — on education, business, communication, entertainment and society as a whole.
  2. Access to books is fundamental to all, it cannot be treated optionally.
  3. Books are the bedrock of all human intellect and knowledge.
  4. Web is more effective with books hosted within itself than by leading to propreitary platforms outside of it.
  5. Free and open source software will promote art and books freely.
  6. Effectiveness of books (and the web) as a public resource depends on accessibility, simplicity and decentralization of necessary protocols, formats, writing tools and a simpler distribution model.
  7. Electonic books need not be a lifeless avatar of their dead-tree cousins: especially the content.
  8. Ideal book reading experience on the web is that of a book. Not a scroll, nor a file.
  9. Writers need convenience of the web to effectively produce, publish and sell their work online.
  10. A transparent inclusive process promotes participation, accountability and trust.