Pricing & Royalties

Readers spend their time on your book.

Updated on: September 20, 2019

We want our pricing and royalty model to be as clear as possible.

If any of the following does not make sense, please get in touch with us. We will happily answer your questions and use the responses to keep improving this page.

  • Creator accounts are free.

    We make money through our revenue share on sales, which is 15% for all Superbooks. On offer separately is also copy editing, adaptation, cover design and layouting services (for fees decided separately) for new writers who want to publish their book on web.

    Contact us for a quote or more details. Also, do not forget to ask for first timer discount!

  • Are payment processing fees included in the revenue share rates?

    No, processing fees are separate and typically range between 3-6% depending on your country of residence. Please visit Stripe Connect (payments processor) to understand how it works, including tips on what you can do to maximize your sales.

  • How do I get paid and how often?

    Stripe manages this for you automatically.