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Bad Blood by John Carreyrou

As an entrepreneur with engineering background, I found the story of Theranos and its (then) 19 years old founder Elizabeth Holmes a bit unsettling.

Downfall of this Silicon Valley darling is kind of eerily similar to the downfall of Enron, a Wall Street darling back in 2001. It's odd that it even happened. But here we are again!

“Hyping your product to get funding while concealing your true progress and hoping that reality will eventually catch up to the hype continues to be tolerated in the tech industry.”

Sure. But both healthcare and power utilities are not like software businesses, where the gap between hype and reality doesn't matter so much—at least during the initial years. It is clear that this little difference had been missed in case of Theranos, especially in a line of business where success is based on fundamental research.

Overall, a great read with a tragic ending. As Bill Gates has put it, this book is unputdownable.

Marvin Danig
Marvin Danig (@marvin) | recommended 8 months ago.

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