Quality Standards

All books published on Bubblin must meet the following criteria:

  1. Do not publish a book that is incomplete or simply a trialing effort of the editing software (code playground) on Bubblin.

    A book must have at least 4 (four) pages. If you're writing an essay (2-3 pages) then it is a blogpost and Bubblin is not the right place for you.

    Longer books in multiple volumes or parts must indicate the volume number or part number on the title of the book.

    A book must have even number of pages. Learn why?

  2. All books are expected to scale responsively on multiple devices and browsers. Check out our support standard and test your work at a minimum to scale on the following list of devices:

    1. iPad/iPad Mini (iOS): Safari, Chrome and Maxthon. Optional: Clear Browser and Tor.

    2. iPhone 4+ (iOS): Safari & Chrome.

    3. Kindle Fire HDX 8.9: Silk Browser

    4. MacOS: Safari, Firefox & Chrome. Optional: Yandex, Tor and Opera.

    5. Windows: Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Yandex. Optional: Tor and Opera.

    6. Linux: Firefox, Chromium and Chrome. Optional: Tor and Opera.

    7. Google Nexus/Android 5+ devices: Browser Chrome, Firefox. Optional: Tor and Opera.

    It is recommended to use templates to style and format your text responsively if you're not a CSS aficionado.

  3. A published book must have the following attributes:

    1. “Title”: Book must have a title or a name not exceeding 140 characters.

    2. “Category”: Book must belong to a single unique category.

    3. “Summary”: Book must have a short (< 300 characters) summary.

    4. “About the book”: Book must have a concise 'About the book' detail on the Cover page.

    5. “Cover”: Book must have a well designed cover. Meaning it must have a front, a back and a spine image displaying the cover of the book. The title on the front cover must match the title of the book.

    6. “Author detail”: Author of the book must have a profile image and a short one-line bio on their profile. A short detail about author is a great way to connect with readers as well.

    7. “Pages”: Book must have at least four (4) pages (two leaves).

  4. Cover of a priced book must show the price of the book on the front of the book.

  5. All third-party embeds (e.g. via Youtube or Vimeo) must be lazily loaded.

  6. All third-party libraries, CDN resources or other external utilities must be served over secure https.

  7. Do not put any comments in your JavaScript. Keep those in your local copy only.

  8. Do not publish porn please. There's always a place with audience of right age for pornography. This site isn't one of them.

    As with porn, any content of the following kind is also unacceptable:

    1. Bigoted
    2. Sexist
    3. Racist
    4. Rude & Attacking
    5. Intimidating
    6. Harassing
    7. Snooping or Stalking
    8. Disruptive
    9. Offensive
    10. Spam
  9. All internal links within a book must use Bubblin's internal hyperlinking API. The idea here is avoid reloading the book (hitting the server) when the book is available on clientside already.

  10. All the code of a book will be reviewed (parsed algorithmically and by a human) for quality. Books with poorly written, redundant or erroneous code will be rejected. Please test your book as per clause no. 2 stated above.

Books not meeting the criteria and quality standards as stated above will be unpublished from the site with a notification to the author.

The unpublished book however will continue to live and be available for editing in the drafts folder of the author. It must be re-published only after editing and fixes and due testing of the book.