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Book-making tools

Free, open source and community-driven.

Welcome to free and open source book making tools for the web. This section is meant for writers and their co-developers (or other collaborators like typesetter, editor or designer etc.) who wish to publish a book on the web. If you are new to the Superbook format or want to learn how Superbooks work head over here to read up the basics first. Book making, as mentioned earlier, is different from self-publishing. You will need some level of familiarity with HTML, CSS and (optionally) JavaScript to be able to roll out a Superbook on your own. Worry not, it's easy, and help is available at every step of the way!

There are two paths to take for Superbook publishing:

  1. Use the in-browser book editor (code playground) on, or use
  2. Bookiza Abelone — the open source "book reification" framework for the web.

Method 1: In-browser playground

The Bubblin in-browser book editor is a very simple code playground (a codemirror instance) that accepts three things: HTML, CSS & JavaScript per page of the book. This code playground is very similar to Codepen or JSbin with real-time rendering, except the result is a page on the book.

For writers with no knowledge of how HTML, CSS and JS work, we recommend to start with this tutorial to get your feet wet first, and then take it from there. In general, the online editor on Bubblin is good enough for short stories, comics and novellas but if you're looking at publishing a very large tome of work, then it is recommended to look at the method-2.

Note, with this method you can publish a Superbook on the site only.

Method 2: Using Bookiza Abelone

The second option, using Bookiza, is a lot more technical (low level) tool with an involved book writing process. Bookiza is a framework to create, collaborate, edit, publish, update and republish Superbooks from the comfort of your local machine (terminal).

Also, with Bookiza you can publish anywhere, i.e. on Bubblin or on your own website. Here's what


Bookiza is a lightweight book reification framework that cuts down your book-writing time by half… It is inspired from the modern developer toolchain (using git, markdown etc.) to make it easy to version, collaborate and maintain any book like a finished product on the web.


Visit site for more details.

Documentation for bookiza can be found at