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Writing tools

There are two ways to write & publish books on Bubblin.

  1. In-browser book editor (code playground) on, or use
  2. Bookiza — an open source nodejs based "book reification" framework.

Method 1: In-browser playground

Our in-browser book editor is a very simple code playground (a codemirror instance) that accepts HTML, CSS & JavaScript on each page of the book. It works just like Codepen or JSbin with realtime rendering.

Here's a quick tutorial to get you started on it.

Note, this method will publish only on Bubblin.

Method 2: Using Bookiza

The second method is a much more technical (lower level) book writing strategy. Bookiza can be used to edit, publish & update superbooks from the comfort of your own computer. It will publish directly to Bubblin or on to your own website i.e. custom domains.


Bookiza is a lightweight book reification framework that cuts down your book-writing time by half… It is deeply integrated with your existing developer toolchain (git, markdown etc.) and will let you compose books like single page apps (SPAs).


Visit site for more details.

Documentation for bookiza can be found at