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Welcome to Bubblin Superbooks—An Online Café of Books.

As a storyteller you are at the centre of everything that we do. The prime-mover of our community. If you're writing a book these days or it has been published before or if it is waiting to go out there now, get in touch with us on email.

We will help you publish it on web methodically.

How will it work?

It's quite likely that your work would be on a "file/format" to boot, so the first step for us will be to adapt your work for web using the Superbook format. This because what works on web are websites and not files. And Superbooks are websites.

To do this we will be using a lot of open source tools, and this means that you can do it all yourself.

So this is self-publishing?

Well, not exactly.

It is more like app development, or storytelling through book making so let's say "it depends."

It depends on the body of work, its genre, its technical scope and the technical skill of the person behind the project. Depending on situation, the process and effort of formatting and printing a book on web can differ a lot. For example, publishing a comics book with twenty-four leafs is going to be different from publishing a novel of five hundred pages. It is entirely possible that the process of creating a novel of 500 pages on web is easier than creating a comics simply because of potential automation.

The good thing is that once your book is published, it will be available for anyone to read around the world. Even to those who do not own a flashy device like an iPhone or a Kindle! Superbooks are supported on 140+ devices on the web, and to sum it up: the potential of your book with Bubblin is unlimited.

Where do I start?

As an author, the first step for you is to sign up for a new Bubblin account. It's free. And then head over to this quick tutorial to understand how Superbooks work and how they are made.

Remember, if your book has to go on web it has to be a website. Doing this way people can read your book without worrying about issues of file, format and compatibility. It's a huge win!

Mind is the secret weapon, not the pen.

Can I get help?

Absolutely! We love helping new writers and guide them through the process of adapting their work for web. It is easy but does need some initial navigation. Our goal will be to help you understand the book-making process and the distribution challenge that lies ahead of you.

Once the initial fundamentals are out of the way, you'll be more than ready to carve your own path as a writer. Besides, writing a book and then getting it published has never been easy. You really don't want to go on it alone.

Drive it yourself

Want to drive your project with freedom?

Cool. Take complete control of your project from the very beginning. We have a bunch of open source tools, templates and fully functional books with their corresponding manuscripts on Github to help you go from zero to hero in a day. Also, feel free to ping or seek help on chat or mail!

A brief outline of steps:
  1. Sign up if you haven't already.
  2. Go to tools page to get a high-level view of what the process and tooling look like, and then jump straight to:
  3. Documentation to deep dive into the art of book making for web.

You're all set!

What about copyrights?

All rights are held by the original author (provider of work).

Bubblin doesn't engage in acquisition of distribution rights of any work. We want to encourage leaving the 'right to distribute' freely on web. Bubblin also doesn't use embargoes on written works of any sort. As a writer or creator you are free to reach and engage your readers in any way you want.

See our fair trade policy and copyright policy to understand this subject better.

As mentioned before, the book must be legally available to be printed on Bubblin by the original author.

Still, have questions?

See our FAQs page for some or send your question our way!

Svelte books forged with a blade of shining sun.