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Welcome to Bubblin Superbooks. 💖

Bubblin is a modern day book publisher for the web. As the storyteller you are at the center of everything that we do. We look up to you for great stories and trust in the distribution capability of the web.

Chances are that you are either writing a new book right now or considering a previously written one for the readers on the web. Well, you are in the right place right now and we can help in this mission of yours. We can help you publish a well-formatted and typesetted corpus securely over the web. So strap on your web boosters and…

Get in touch with us right away. Like, pronto!

We accept manuscripts from only legally authorized source—meaning original writers or copyright owners.

Mind is the secret weapon, not the pen.

Where to start?

It is quite likely that your work is on a file "format" (like an MS Word file, Google Doc, Pandoc or Markdown) sitting on a disk of a computer. So the first step for you (us?) will be to adapt your work for the web using the Superbook format. This is an important step because web accepts only plain HTML and CSS.

We can help you with this conversion (reach us on mail ) by using a lot of open source tools.

It also means that you can do it all by yourself too! It is generally recommended to understand what Superbooks are and how they work at this stage. The specification is open format and is available under Blue Oak License 1.0.

What about my copyright?

All the rights to your book remain with you—ala, the original author or provider of the said works.

We do not engage in acquisition of rights to distribute any type of work and want to keep that power in the hands of writers. In fact we wish to encourage you to hold on to your _right to distribute_ on the web freely without courting a middleman (even us) in between.

Bubblin also do not use embargoes on the written works of any kind. As a writer you are free to publish and sell your work in any way you want. See our fair trade section and copyrighting policy to learn more.

The only condition is that the book must be legally available to be printed on Bubblin.

What is a Superbook? Is this self-publishing?

Not a file. Not self-publishing.

Publishing a Superbook is more like app development and deployment. It borrows from traditions of storytelling, typesetting, design and layout, and accessibility features of a real book (codex) instead of a file.

Since nature of books can vary a lot, the complexity of publishing will depend on the contents of your work. The processes and effort of formatting and printing a book on web can differ a lot depending on its category, genre, scope, length and the skill of the creator(s).

For example, publishing a comics book with twenty-four leafs will be very different from publishing a novel with five hundred pages. It is possible that the process of creating a 500-page novel is simpler than creating a 24-page comics simply because of the potential of automation.


The good thing is that once your book is published, it will be available for anyone to read (or buy) anywhere in the world. Even to those who do not own a fancy device like an iPhone or Kindle. Superbooks have been architected with everyone on mind and the support is generally available on 140+ devices on web via a modern browser.

Publishing longform like a Superbook helps people find, read and share your book on the web easily without worrying about the compatibility issues or bandwidth. It is a huge win for both you and your readers!

To sum it up, the potential of a Superbook is unlimited and you might want to take advantage of it.

How do I start?

The first step is to sign up for a new Bubblin account. It is free. And then head over to this quick tutorial to understand how Superbooks work and what they are made of. Remember, if your book has to go on web it has to be HTML.

Can I get help?


We love helping new writers through the process of adapting their work on web for a small one-time fee.

Reach us on email or send a tweet or dm us on Twitter.


Want to drive it by yourself?

Take complete control of your project from the very beginning with 100% of our tools being available for free under multiple open source licenses. Use a free and open source template or fork a fully functional book off of Github to go from a zero to a hero in less than an hour.

A brief outline:
  1. Sign up if you haven't already.
  2. Go to tools page to get a high-level view of what the current tooling looks like, and then jump straight to:
  3. Documentation to dive deep into the art of book making on web.

You are all set now.

Still, have questions?

See our FAQs page for some or send your question our way via a tweet!

Svelte books forged with a blade of shining sun.