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Writer's Page

Publish on web, lower the friction.

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Hi there!,

Welcome to Bubblin Superbooks—an online café of books.

As a storyteller you are the prime-mover of our community. You are at the centre of everything that we do. If your manuscript is ready or you're in the middle of having your book published, get in touch with us today. Bubblin will review, process and polish your work for webworthiness.

We're a publisher for the twenty-second century!

Exactly. We want to be publishers for your book over the web so that people can enjoy reading your book without worrying about file or format that it is made up of. Without felling a single tree. Bubblin introduces frictionless distribution and will easily carry your work around the world i.e. even to those who do not own flashy devices like the iPhone or the Kindle. Of course your book will be available to those individuals too, we only separate the idea of books from proprietary hardware that could limit the outreach of your book.

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Frictionless distribution.

First step is to sign up for a Bubblin Account (it's free) and then head over to this quick tutorial to understand how Superbooks work and are written for the web. This is not the same thing as writing on Microsoft Word or Scrivener to create a lifeless file that people have to download and read elsewhere.

With Bubblin your book will live and be available straight on the web. Books are not files to begin with, so creating a "file" of it doesn't help the reader.

Can I get help on this?

Absolutely! We love helping new writers and guide them through the process of writing or adapting their book for web. It's easy but does need some navigation. Our goal will be to help you understand the 'book making' process and the distribution challenges that lie ahead of you with this new surface. Since writing a book and then getting published is hard, you don't want to go on it alone anyway.

Write to us as soon as you are ready for your next book.

Besides us (the Bubblin team), our community on Bubblin has a bunch of helpful people too. Feel free to connect with them and ask for help on your book. Goes without saying that there is a team behind every successful book, so you want to start talking about your book early on. Since publishing on Bubblin Superbooks is all about using web to your advantage, you are going to need help from developers, designers, editors and friends to make your book successful.

Interested? Tell us about your book and we'd love to take a look.

Drive it yourself

Love taking control of things?

Sure! It is hard, but is certainly doable. Bubblin lets you have complete control on your project and its whereabouts. We have a bunch of open source tools, templates and fully functional books on Github to help you go from zero to "super productive" within minutes. All so that you can finish your work without anyone's help!

Here's how:
  1. Sign up if you haven't already.
  2. Then visit our tools page to get a high-level view of what book-making tools for web look like, and then jump straight to:
  3. Documentation to deep dive into the art of book-making.
  4. Use git clone to download any book you see on Bubblin. Start server, play with it and see how the pieces work.
  5. Start your own manuscript. Use any of our free and open source layout templates to kickstart.
  6. Install dependencies, be up and running in under a minute.
  7. All set. Now you can focus on your story and how you want to present it.

Feel free to reach out for help even if you decided to go solo!

Mind is the secret weapon, not the pen.

Who are we?

Bubblin is a strongly opinionated community of book-lovers on web. We're a small but thriving group of developers, designers and storytellers who believe that books should become a first class citizen of the web. In fact we want to read your book on web right now!

What's a Superbook?

Superbooks are a silky and responsive form of digital books that are inspired from real physical books. They live and work on web and can theoretically scale to infinite number of pages. A more robust definition of Superbooks and how they work can be found here. We believe that book lovers want to buy a polished product when they want to read a book. A well-formatted and neatly paginated story in form of a Superbook via the web is the best and fastest way you can give it to them.

Still, have questions?

See our FAQs page for some or send your question our way!

Svelte books forged with a blade of shining sun.