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Welcome to Bubblin Superbooks—an online café of books.

As a storyteller you are at the centre of everything that we do, the prime-mover of our community. If you're writing a book these days or your book has been published or ready to go out, get in touch with us today.

We will help you adapt, reprocess and polish your work for web.

Is it not self-publishing?

Well, not exactly. It's more like book making or let's just say "it depends" on the book and the writer.

Depending on the body of work, the process and effort of formatting and printing a book on web can get differ quite a lot. You can publish a comics a lot more easily than say a children's book or a novel with 1,000 pages. Of course you can always publish anything all by yourself, but we're around to help you no matter where on the pipeline you stand.

We've got great documentation too if you're interested in finding your own way.

Once your book is published, Bubblin will host and carry your live work around the world, even to those who do not own a flashy device like an iPhone or the Kindle. Of course, your book is going to be available to those individuals too because a Superbook works everywhere.

To sum it up: The potential of your book with Bubblin is unlimited.

Where do I start?

As an author, first step for you is to sign up for a Bubblin account. It's FREE. And then head over to this quick tutorial to understand how Superbooks work and how they are made responsive for the web.

Remember, you're are no longer creating a pesky file that people will have to download to read. The book will live straight on web.

Mind is the secret weapon, not the pen.

Can I get help?


We love helping new writers and guide them through the process of writing or adapting their work for web. It's easy but does need some initial navigation early on. Our goal will be to help you understand the 'book-making' process and the distribution challenges that lie ahead of you with this new surface. With initial basics out of the way, you'll be more than ready to carve your own path ahead.

Besides, writing a book and then getting published has never been easy. You don't want to go on it alone.

Drive it yourself

Love taking control of things?

Great! Take complete control of your project from the very beginning. We have a bunch of open source tools, templates and fully functional books with links to their manuscripts on Github to help you go from zero to "super productive" within a day. Also, feel free to ping or seek support on our chat or mail!

A brief outline of steps:
  1. Sign up if you haven't already.
  2. Go to tools page to get a high-level view of what the process and tooling look like, and then jump straight to:
  3. Documentation to deep dive into the art of book making for web.

You're all set!

What about copyright?

Superbooks are a silky and responsive form of digital books that are inspired from real physical books. They live and work on web and can theoretically scale to infinite number of pages. A more robust definition of Superbooks and how they work can be found here. We believe that book lovers want to buy a polished product when they want to read a book. A well-formatted and neatly paginated story in form of a Superbook via the web is the best and fastest way you can give it to them.

Still, have questions?

See our FAQs page for some or send your question our way!

Svelte books forged with a blade of shining sun.