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Publish for the world. Really.

Heya there!,

Welcome to Bubblin Superbooks—The online café of books on web.

As a storyteller you are the prime-mover of our community (well, our industry) and, therefore, you are at the centre of everything that we do. Bubblin will take your book around the world for a very low cost: zero. Exactly.

By *around the world* we mean via web to everyone and not just those who own flashy devices like iPhone or Kindle. We want your book to be available to anyone on the planet, just like a video is with

To learn more about how we get a book displayed on your browser head over to the concept page.

How to start?

All you've to do is sign up for a Bubblin Account (it's free!) and then start with this quick tutorial.

We love helping new writers and guide them through myriad different issues that spring up while making a book for the web. It's easy, but needs some guidance. Our goal will be to help you navigate both book-making & distribution challenges, so that your work can land on its feet as softly as it can.

Besides us (the Bubblin team), our community too has a bunch of helpful people with vast editorial and design experience, and a network of key people who you're going to need: developers, designers and reviewers, to make your book happen on web with style.

Interested? Drop us a note on our email and we'd love to talk.

Starting a new book? Grab your FREE tools today!

Driving it yourself

Love taking control of things all by yourself?

Sure! It is going to be fun, and is certainly doable. Bubblin lets you have complete control on your project and its whereabouts. We have a bunch of open source tools, templates and fully functional books on Github to help you go from zero to "super productive" within minutes. All so that you can finish your work without anyone's help!

Here's how:
  1. Sign up if you haven't already.
  2. Then visit our tools page to get a high-level view of what book-making tools for web look like, and then jump straight to:
  3. Documentation to deep dive into the art of book-making.
  4. Use git clone to download any book you see on Bubblin. Start server, play with it and see how the pieces work.
  5. Start your own manuscript. Use any of our free and open source layout templates to kickstart.
  6. Install dependencies, be up and running in under a minute.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions even if you decided to go solo.

Mind is the secret weapon, not the pen.

Who are we?

Bubblin is a strongly opinionated community of book-lovers on web. We're a small but thriving group of developers, designers and storytellers who believe that books should become a first class citizen of the web.

In fact we want to read your book on web right now!

Superbooks on Bubblin are silky and responsive and work via web, i.e. everywhere and with endless scale. Our focus is completely on virtual book making and it ranges from editing help to choosing typesetting, applying or inventing a tight layout to responsive rendering, performant page animations (at ~60 F.P.S or above) to distribution.

We believe that readers love all-rounded products that are masterfully created to suit their taste. A well-paginated story in form of a book with leafs bound together along a thin spine that could be turned over and over again with a feel of physical books--what could better that? This is exactly what most book-lovers crave for. And we deliver that. According to us page turns are an essential control of books; it separates the virtual avatar from say a powerpoint presentation.

What is in for you?

Put simply, it can't get better than this. As a writer or a magazine maker or a comics artist, you can do a lot with Bubblin and Bookiza. The potential is infinite!

There are countless advantages (we've listed some) of publishing directly on web. It opens up your work to "maximum readership potential" of the planet and lowers friction by an order of magnitude for the readers. Not everyone uses the Kindle paperwhite, and PDFs? Well they were originally made for enterprise contracts and don't even feel like books to begin with.

We did a small write-up comparing the formatosphere with Superbooks.

Our books on the other hand work everywhere (see support) and are a lot more accessible and SEO friendly. They are offline-first, meaning works with or without a live Internet connection.

We are currently building a better forte of books for web and are super happy to see your book come alive on Bubblin. Welcome you to join our community of book makers today! Do not hestitate to reach us on mail, we want to assist you in every possible way. Let's be friends right from starting your manuscript project to getting your final work out (starting point finished product) out of the door, and all along the way.

Still, have questions?

See our FAQs page for some or send your question our way!

Svelte books forged with a blade of shining sun.